Saturday, January 26, 2008


I've said it before, nothing quite like new hardware. Considering I have 4 more E50's sitting in my room awaiting rebuilds, I decided to spring for the boxes of new hardware instead of buying them piece by piece. So I replaced all those oh so hard to remove screws from the case with everyones favorite "CAP SCREWS!" hooray! I got two boxes of 100, one of the shorter ones, and one of the longer cap screws. I will have plenty of the long ones left when all is said and done, but it doesn't bug me considering the cap screws were about $.60 per piece, but when bought in a box of 100, they cost about $.22! Wow, what a savings! It contributes to my fantasy to some day have a home and a garage that I can set up how I like, and have it stocked with cases of NGK plugs, a nice little rack with drawers of new hardware, a shelf of Type F, 30W Non-detergent, a shelf of SKF and FAGs and everything that makes a mopeder's heart leap for joy like mine does at the sight of such items.

At any rate, the Maxi is coming along nicely, I finished the wiring harness today, chosing to exclude the brake light, opting to wire both bulbs constant on, omitting the headlight switch and removing the horn, although I did leave the speedometer light involved. I may rewire the horn in at a later date, but I hate wires on the handles, so the horn switch might sit next to the kill switch in the headlight. I polished the engine some more, and it looks pretty good, although there are still some scratches in it. Easily 238% better than when I started though. The new forks are being coated, but for the time being, these blue forks remind me of superman, and they are kind of growing on me. I ought to put the chains, cables and carb on tomorrow or the next day, and then take her for a spin. Oh, the Silver Fender doesn't go on these full rigid forks, so I guess we will just have to wait and see if it was a good color choice or not!

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