Monday, January 14, 2008

Late Christmas Present

My parents came to town to visit and brought me my Christmas present. What a beauty, a stainless steel tool chest. I am excited to use this cart, because it rolls real nice and easy. I want to organize my tools, moving them from my old chest to my new one. The old one was fine, but this new one is super cool and full of promise, but what I like is the flat top that is perfect height to work on things, and the E50 motors I love so much fit nicely on the top.
Also, just a shot of my new decals from Reproduction Decals, they look great. Even includes a "Do not use Unleaded Gasoline" sticker, which I won't be using much to the confusion of people wanting to put kerosene in it.

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Ed said...

Hey Jon,
Want to sell that "Do not use unleaded gasoline" decal? I'm refinishing my Sears Free-Spirit gas tank and would like to replace that sticker once done.
Ed from Massachusetts