Saturday, January 19, 2008

Defying the Laws of Gravity

I wanted to see what kind of difference there was between stock "blue" springs and Paz's party poppers or what ever they may be called. So, I pulled out a stock 3 shoe clutch I had laying around, only to realize that it had been bent by the previous owner. I knew the engine was in rough shape, but I think it had something to do with one of the two holes for pulling the clutch being stripped. It looks like they stripped one hole, and tried to just pull it with one hole, bending the base plate. I had to re-tap the clutch hole and then I was able to pull it out, but found it was bent. So using the math formula B/V+H= Good enough, where B is Bent Clutch, V is Large Vice, and H = 5lb hammer, you can see how this works well.
And it did work well, much to my enjoyment! Always have to feel good when something finally goes the way you plan for once. I then shaved down the clutch arms down about 2oz of material just to get them to an even weight. I wasn't really going for a whole lot of weight reduction, just trying to even them all up. I put in the orange springs, but I have yet to test them with a bathroom scale to see what type of resistance I can get out of them. They feel a little bit softer than the stock blue springs, but I don't believe that to be true. I think it has more to do with the amount of turns, being that the blue springs are a touch longer than the orange boys.

Here is a picture of Dane, reassembling his HS50. What a pro! This guy put every screw, washer and grommet in a ziplock bag and labeled them all! That was my suggestion, but still, I never do that cause I'm too lazy! His reassembly is going well, he is replacing the front lower forks with Puch maxi lowers to drop the front of the bike down just a smidgen.

My poor moby sits in the corner, neglected, while I work on the Maxi. Sorry, Moby! I'll give you attention before spring, I promise!

I wont be attending the Latebirds rally, :( mega frown, I had hoped to fly out and ship a ped, but I realized not only is this uber expensive, but I am attending a moped / scooter / atv dealers convention in Indianapolis that weekend. A moped trade show! Tomos, Kymco, and a whole other slew of vendors, including all those cheap Chinese junk things. Everett is going to introduce me to all his vendors so that if I take over his business I'll have met these guys face to face. I'm excited for that, at least!

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Jason said...

that pipe is sick. I wish I would have bought one on craigslist. BTW, fun blog.