Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hobbit Driven Pulley

Naz had some scooter cheeks laying around that he grafted onto a hobbit rear pulley. He put a Derbi Spring in there, and I've been testing it out on my hobbit. The larger cheeks give an improved low end and mid range, but we think the derbi spring, which is a bit longer than the hobbit spring, isn't compressing fully, which keeps me from fully variating. So Naz is going to knock the derbi spring out and insert the stock spring for me. What a guy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Court is in Session

Presenting the Honorable and running Judge Reinhold, ready to dispense justice on and off the track. It seems to idle nicely, and these wonderful Dio springs that Travis gave me in exchange for installing some for him seem to work very well.
I need to put a pedal chain, some plastic pedals, side covers, bar sliders and a few other details on this bike, but it seems to run okay up and down the street. I'm also going to reinforce the circuit pipe, since like most of these, the tabs have long since broken off. New petcock is on the way, and this thing stops on a dime, with some very clean and notched brake shoes. Also put some new transmission fluid in it, which it desperately needed. 12 days until race time!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two Weeks

I was remarking to Naz the other day, not only is moped racing the cheapest form of motorized sport, but it's also probably one of the only ones where the vehicle you will be racing is just a pile of parts two weeks before the first race. Hope to see you on the track!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Spirit and the Race Bike

I snatched up a wonderfully complete little Free Spirit on Monday. It's got side covers and flywheel cover and what nots. I got it for a friend of mine, but since it's been sitting in my shop for a few days, I've fallen in love with it, as it is my first free spirit in my long line of moped family tree. I think I'm going to keep it! Which means time to say goodbye to another one of my mopeds. The one that gets the axe will most likely be the AD. What a rare moped, and comfy ride, off to teach the joys of mopeds to some new owner!

Judge Reinhold is still in parts, but inches ever closer to being running. Naz is finished with my head, which I should snap a picture of, and has begun to cast his magic spell upon my counter variator. I also spent some time working on my brakes today. Here is a pro-tip. Use NASCAR branded sand paper for that NASCAR performance in stopping.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mechanic's first aid

I almost always manage to stab myself with a razor every time I use one. You think I might remember to get a first aid kit at my shop, but who needs one of those?! A kleenex, latex glove and a zip tie as a tourniquet work well in a pinch, and stop the bleeding nicely.
Other than hurt myself, I also accomplished this today, for Mrs. Wizard herself. Candy pink over silver explosion and real chrome.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Day at Equniox

The Mosquito Fleet was out in force today to begin projects, dream, fabricate and also hang out. I got to the shop early today, powder coated a bicycle and stems in Satin Black and Red Anodizedthose are also not scratches, but the manufacturers stamping showing through the coat.

Naz put my race bike in his wind tunnel to help me fine tune the aero dynamics, and then I powdercoated it. In doing a build, especial it's helpful to make a list of everything you need to do. Joel worked diligently on a bobbed Maxi frame of his. Naz did wizzardly things for just about everyone. Josh Jones tried out his crank lightening technique for Peugeot. Team Nerdspeed worked on a vespa small frame engine, which I"m not sure if it had anything to do with the mixing of JB weld. What a day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juggalo Hobbit

I picked up this hobbit recently from a man who claimed to be a professional juggler. Based on his skill of juggling, I would agree. However, he did not look anything like what I anticipated a professional juggler to look like. I did have him show me a few quick tips on juggling between two people, which I have yet to do successfully, so if you can juggle and go to moped rallies, lets play!

Things I <3 about this hobbit.
  • The tall narrow black bars!
  • The long seat
  • The cigarette stain yellow side covers
I should have some pictures this weekend of my race bike as it comes along. I'm still not set on the color for the bike, and have now spent more time doodling and dreaming of what it will look like than actually working on the motor. Might be putting the cart before the horse, but hey, I'm a powder coating artist, not some gear head.