Sunday, March 11, 2012

I just needed to write this down

I'm going to make an intake with tapped holes for mounting and use set screws to put in place for that extra flush look. I was thinking about this as I have been using Tomos A3 headers to make intakes recently and they are such large OD that they require a good bit of filling to let a regular socket head cap screw pass. It was an intake for my loyal pp derbi, which is receiving a new metra kit jug. Upon removal of the stock jug, I realized it had a giant base gasket, leaving nearly two mm of gap between tdc and the head. No wonder that bike never seemed very fast, it was restricted to 20mph when I got it with an intake washer, and also had a bracket on it for an orange flag. I strongly suspect it was originally from Iowa before it made its way over to Nebraska where I picked it up. I might just throw the stock jug back on for the time being to see I'm correct on the speed factor. With 15SHA I and pipe I was only able to squeak 36mph from it.