Saturday, May 31, 2008

Woah! A list!

  • Unpack and find a space to set up shop
  • Put pedals and handlebars back onto my mopeds
  • Rebuild E50 for the Green Maxi
  • Tear down wheels and polish spokes and hub for Green Maxi
  • Paint side covers for the Green Maxi, add pinstripes
  • Replace throttle cable on the Magnum
  • Adjust Magnum Estoril for kickstand clearance, replace kickstand, pedal chain
  • Replace Bullet with Boss on the Maxi Taxi
  • Rebuild Motobecane mags for use on the Maxi Taxi
  • Upgrade 50v to 15:15, maybe add Variplus
  • Find time to play with my Bravo

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I'm back from my honeymoon. Expect an update in a week, or so.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weddings and such

My wedding is 3 days away, and when I return from the honeymoon, we are very much packing up and moving. I really should be packing all my stuff, but instead, I've found myself assembling the old Gold Maxi frame that I got from TimR of TBS. That bike had the nastiest tank I've ever seen. I shook a pile of debris out of it large enough to fill a coffee filter, and the debris looked like coffee grounds. Very rusty coffee, some pencil shavings,a bit bark and cork. After the sandblast and powder coat, I shook another handful of that stuff out of there. I can only imagine the entire tank was filled with some organic sponge, and the fluid capacity of the tank would have been about .3 gallons. So anyway, I gave it an acid job for 30 minutes at full strength, and that seemed to do the trick. I've not done acid on an in-frame tank before, and that was scary. I keep thinking about how weak the frame could be since it has obviously lost some material from the inside of the frame. At any rate, it is finally clean now and it seems sturdy enough. The bike is coming together quite well, and if you love stock Maxi's as much as Dean does, you will flip out when you see this one! Lime green with a cream seat, fender, side panels and saddle bags, with a large helping of chrome. I won't have time to tear the wheels down and polish them, or even rebuild and clean the motor until June some time, but I'm just happy to put it together. I'll snap some pictures, but be patient, as this is the last update for about two weeks.

Feel free to give me a wedding present of a 1977 mopeds gift card. ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Motion Wet?

The Elkhart moped rally was great. I love those guys and gals of Indiana. Here is a picture of my Maxi Taxi with a Balloon that they gave me at the restaurant. I asked for yellow, and was granted it. The balloon didn't take the 40mph air pressure too well, and leaked out slowly over the next hour. This amazing and fast Swinger2 used to belong to me, and I'm glad to see Devin put it to good use. The 2 speed Gilardoni rips, and once it hits that powerband in the pipe, its crazy and loud. That is the fastest moped I've ridden, but I have no idea how fast it goes. If you ever get a chance to meet Devin Biek, you won't regret it. I met him in 2003 when he sold my buddy a moped. I took him a Polini kit, and he made my Swinger2 a beast, and I learned quite a bit from him about performance, and then I started to do my own work. Now I build good stuff, and his peds have moved up to another level. I would like to say that I do give him a lot of ideas, but he pulls them off better than I do. Here is me on Brian's cool bravo, wearing a wookie costume (which everyone should take camping for warmth), and finally me with my good friend Nate Bandit, who is one of many moped friends I've made in my few years in Indiana. To clear up some confusion, I'm packing up my bags in two weeks, and moving to Nebraska for the summer to work, and then in August I'm headed out to that lovely Emerald city called Seattle, to attend school for no less than 2 years. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bravo! Bravo!

I got a lucky strike today on Craigslist. A mostly complete (missing side covers, tail light cover, front fender and rear signals, as far as I can tell) Vespa Bravo. I have never had a little Italian charmer that carries the name Vespa, but when you see it sitting there for $150, it's like a little apple hanging on a tree, begging you to pick it and eat. It never hurts to search Nebraska craigslist. Are the Bravo's variated? What else is missing? Will I regret this? Vespa peds seem to be quite addictive.