Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weddings and such

My wedding is 3 days away, and when I return from the honeymoon, we are very much packing up and moving. I really should be packing all my stuff, but instead, I've found myself assembling the old Gold Maxi frame that I got from TimR of TBS. That bike had the nastiest tank I've ever seen. I shook a pile of debris out of it large enough to fill a coffee filter, and the debris looked like coffee grounds. Very rusty coffee, some pencil shavings,a bit bark and cork. After the sandblast and powder coat, I shook another handful of that stuff out of there. I can only imagine the entire tank was filled with some organic sponge, and the fluid capacity of the tank would have been about .3 gallons. So anyway, I gave it an acid job for 30 minutes at full strength, and that seemed to do the trick. I've not done acid on an in-frame tank before, and that was scary. I keep thinking about how weak the frame could be since it has obviously lost some material from the inside of the frame. At any rate, it is finally clean now and it seems sturdy enough. The bike is coming together quite well, and if you love stock Maxi's as much as Dean does, you will flip out when you see this one! Lime green with a cream seat, fender, side panels and saddle bags, with a large helping of chrome. I won't have time to tear the wheels down and polish them, or even rebuild and clean the motor until June some time, but I'm just happy to put it together. I'll snap some pictures, but be patient, as this is the last update for about two weeks.

Feel free to give me a wedding present of a 1977 mopeds gift card. ;)

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