Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tomos come in twos

My grandpa called me the other day and told me a nice long story about how he found two "Tow Mas" mopeds, and that the guy wanted $35 for the pair. I told him to go pick them up, and he said "I think I can get them for $25". I told him I'd take them regardless, and he said "we'll see." Anyway, he dropped them off yesterday at my place and let me know he did get them for $25 like he though. I've got a 94 Sprint, and an A3 whatever blue bike. Both frames and rolling stock are all in good shape. Both motors are stuck, but I've got the A35 taken apart so far without breaking anything. Cylinder and piston look good, no pits or gouges, it was just stuck from rust, which is confusing, because the motor was sealed up nice and tight. At some point it must have got some water in the spark plug hole, but the plug was in and tight. A bit of rust inside, and some under the coils, but once I removed the flywheel the bottom end turns over nice and smooth, which means to bottom end rebuild for this bad boy. The wrist pin was stuck real good in the piston, so I thought about how to make a puller real quick and pulled the pin right out. I used a spark plug socket and two cap screws. If I had one real long cap screw that would have worked easier, but I used two cap screws and a coupler nut. Then I was able to hold one cap screw in place and then tighten the nut on the other side, drawing the cap screw and the wrist pin with it. It worked quite well, so I set the cap screws aside for future use. I should be able to use this to press pins as well, but they usually go in without too much effort.

Friday, September 2, 2011