Saturday, May 31, 2008

Woah! A list!

  • Unpack and find a space to set up shop
  • Put pedals and handlebars back onto my mopeds
  • Rebuild E50 for the Green Maxi
  • Tear down wheels and polish spokes and hub for Green Maxi
  • Paint side covers for the Green Maxi, add pinstripes
  • Replace throttle cable on the Magnum
  • Adjust Magnum Estoril for kickstand clearance, replace kickstand, pedal chain
  • Replace Bullet with Boss on the Maxi Taxi
  • Rebuild Motobecane mags for use on the Maxi Taxi
  • Upgrade 50v to 15:15, maybe add Variplus
  • Find time to play with my Bravo


jonesbones said...
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jonesbones said...

I hear the ponies may have a moped for sale. I'm searching for something at a cheap price, maybe something I would need to do a little work to. The name is Nate Jones. If you have any I would love to know.