Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Opie Machine

It's story time. When I bought my first Puch on ebay for $150 buy it now, I called the guy for directions and asked if he had any other mopeds. He said he had a few here and there, so I told him to find them and I would buy them all. I arrived to find my Brown & Gold Magnum MKII. I drove home with 3 peds for $400, and I was very excited about the Magnum. I fixed it, and rode it around quite a bit, but then I was in need of some money, so I sold it to my friend Opie for a small profit (having no idea what a UPS magnum is worth to some people, being I was a moped newbie). After many rides together, and about a year and a half of missing my Magnum, Opie says "hey, my chain came off" so I went to look and he had lost all his rear sprocket bolts, and stripped the threads. So I made my move, and offered to trade him a red XK, fixed up with a go-fast motor and help him paint it, and we traded back, and this is the result of his and my work. Way to go, Opie!

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