Thursday, June 19, 2008

Passing Time

"What has this guy been doing" you ask? Why, he has been spending 5 minutes per spoke polishing his wheels. There isn't too much to do in Nebraska where I live at the moment. 36 spokes x 5 min per spoke x 2 wheels = way too much time, but the end result is I have a nice set of wheels! I've also learned how to true a wheel decently, and while I had them apart, decided to repack the bearings anyway. My wheels for my current project are nearly finished. Then it's time for the wiring harness, and then, rebuild that engine!
Oh, you know what else takes up time? Cutting the tits off of Michelin Gazelles. Only about 13 minutes per tire. It's all in the details, I guess. I want to win at the car show on July 12th. I think I have a chance, the bike is turning out very well.

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