Friday, May 2, 2008

Bravo! Bravo!

I got a lucky strike today on Craigslist. A mostly complete (missing side covers, tail light cover, front fender and rear signals, as far as I can tell) Vespa Bravo. I have never had a little Italian charmer that carries the name Vespa, but when you see it sitting there for $150, it's like a little apple hanging on a tree, begging you to pick it and eat. It never hurts to search Nebraska craigslist. Are the Bravo's variated? What else is missing? Will I regret this? Vespa peds seem to be quite addictive.


deanhatesyou said...

sweet score! bravos are indeed variated! i have a polini variator sitting right here in front of me that i'd love to sell you! hahah
awesome man, the rad blue one too!
your photos are too dinky, is there a sticker with a number on the swing arm belt side, back by the clutch? or perhaps a number stamped into the swing arm in the same area? will be either 25 or 30. this will tell you which speed model it is.
let me know if you have questions! vespas are rad to work on, you'll figure it out quick.

Philip Patrie said...

I'm excited to try out these Vespa's having seen Brian's awesome bravo in person at the Motion What? rally. The Bravo is currently in Nebraska, and I will tinker on it this summer before I move to Seattle! I might have some questions for you!