Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juggalo Hobbit

I picked up this hobbit recently from a man who claimed to be a professional juggler. Based on his skill of juggling, I would agree. However, he did not look anything like what I anticipated a professional juggler to look like. I did have him show me a few quick tips on juggling between two people, which I have yet to do successfully, so if you can juggle and go to moped rallies, lets play!

Things I <3 about this hobbit.
  • The tall narrow black bars!
  • The long seat
  • The cigarette stain yellow side covers
I should have some pictures this weekend of my race bike as it comes along. I'm still not set on the color for the bike, and have now spent more time doodling and dreaming of what it will look like than actually working on the motor. Might be putting the cart before the horse, but hey, I'm a powder coating artist, not some gear head.


Mustachio said...

Nice man! We're Hobbit twins! I look forward to seeing your updates on this project. Woop!

Josh said...

With a title like 'juggalo hobbit' I was expecting something more twiztid. But go race bike, woot!

Anonymous said...

hmm. powdercoating artist huh? i just posted a thread with a question on the subject on the gen forum..any chance you could give me your input?

spookytunee said...