Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Spirit and the Race Bike

I snatched up a wonderfully complete little Free Spirit on Monday. It's got side covers and flywheel cover and what nots. I got it for a friend of mine, but since it's been sitting in my shop for a few days, I've fallen in love with it, as it is my first free spirit in my long line of moped family tree. I think I'm going to keep it! Which means time to say goodbye to another one of my mopeds. The one that gets the axe will most likely be the AD. What a rare moped, and comfy ride, off to teach the joys of mopeds to some new owner!

Judge Reinhold is still in parts, but inches ever closer to being running. Naz is finished with my head, which I should snap a picture of, and has begun to cast his magic spell upon my counter variator. I also spent some time working on my brakes today. Here is a pro-tip. Use NASCAR branded sand paper for that NASCAR performance in stopping.