Saturday, February 27, 2010

50cc TCCD

Long time readers may recall a 50cc cylinder I was putting on an E50. When assembled and run, the head and piston made contact, which, encase you are new to mopeds, is a bad thing. I took it down to the shop today, and with the help of M.M.N., I was able to watch and go "uh-huh" while he explained complicated theory about squish band, compression, precision machining and potential power differences based entirely on making the head fit correctly for the application. The head is now milled flat (on the mill) and then a new squish cut in via lathe. No clearance problems any more, and a heck of a lot more compression (potentially). Also, take care to notice the size of Naz's left nostril, through which he inhales massive amounts of oxygen, which I think is what fuels his genius brain. I look forward to finally putting this engine on a bike and running it now that I have my wheel back from John Elkhart who borrowed it for a bit.

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