Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sitting Pretty

In spite of the beautiful seat I had upholstered recently, I still want to be able to upholster my own seats and what not. My wife-to-be does not sew, and that is fine with me. She wants to know how, but that is about as far as it goes. Fine by me, I've always helped my mother sew when I was a little lad, and I even made a sweet blanket once in Home Economics class. I got a Singer sewing machine as a late Christmas present, and so I put it to good use. I knocked out a new seat cover for my Maxisport seat, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Thats less than $4 worth of vinyl, and it looks and feels pretty good, although I can see a few spots I'm not happy with, it is much better than before, and I am very pleased with myself. Just waiting for the glue to dry now.

Still waiting on bearings in the mail. I used to get them through my old job at a steel company, the maintainence manager would order them in for me uber cheap and they would arrive next day, since he was always getting bearings for the slitters and roll to roll machines. Now I'm ordering them from some new place on line, and I was hoping they would come today. No luck, perhaps tomorrow. I've got 3 E50's sitting out all cleaned and ready to have the new bearings and seals put on and then reassembled.

Here is a picture of a moped, done in MS Paint by my MS Paint loving friend, and QT50 riding pal, Adam DeBolt.
I wish I were coming to the Latebird rally. I need to rally bad! I'm going through withdraw.


deanhatesyou said...

that's ms paint? i am a paint junkie myself and that looks too smooth on the edges! haha
seat looks awesome! and you should go to la!

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