Saturday, January 12, 2008


I realized the suspension was not operating on my front right fork. I took a closer peek, and the triple tree was bent. : ( Big sadness. I tried to straighten it out in my vice which is bolted to a bench, but all I could do was tip the bench. I was impressed at how well the powder coat didn't chip, but I couldn't bend them straight. So I put the forks into the receiver hitch on my van, knowing that I couldn't possibly move it. I pulled with all my might, and bent the forks a wee bit straighter, but I couldn't get them all the way straight, and unfortunately the opening ended up getting kinked from the bending. So, I'm screwed there. I need a new set of forks, and then I have to get them powder coated to match. : ( I thought about going with a set of EBR's, but they won't fit my fender, and I don't think all the chrome up front would look good.
Anyone have some extra forks they can part with?

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