Friday, January 11, 2008

Bracket Mods

I've never liked the ride height of the oh-so-popular Puch long seats. They just look too high, bolted on to the rack. So, I decided to drop my long seat. I cut the old welds with a recipricating saw and then broke it off, then cut a few inches out, leaving a height of 1 3/4 inches, which I determined to be the highest that looked good. I welded the bracket on to the seat about a 1/2 inch farther forward so that it would line up with the fender holes for the stock rack. I then drilled new holes, and notched the bracket so it would sit across the seam on the fender. I was afraid the notch was going to weaken the bracket, but it is nice and firm, no reinforcement necessary. I set the seat on fire just a little, but it just smelled bad for a bit, that glue must be toxic or something. Good thing my lungs are used to toxic smoke. Bolts right up and sits nice and firm. All and all, I like how it looks, compare it to the picture from the previous post to check the height yourself.

1 comment:

deanhatesyou said...

you should put a strip of innertube between the frame and seat bracket to save that awesome red!