Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hardware

I've always wanted to replace every nut and bolt on a moped with new, but it was too impractical, to take apart a moped for no reason that was working, and new hardware wasn't going to instantly make it nice. Since I already had this one apart, I took it upon myself to take every nut and bolt down to my local hardware store and pick up all new ones. If I do this again, I will not buy the engine mount bolts for 2 reasons.
  1. They are covered by the side covers
  2. They cost nearly 4$ once you have the nut to go with them.

Other than that, all the new hardware worth while price on a moped that should be as nice as this when done. I forgot to get my lower shock hardware and the upper shock "bullet" style nuts, I'll get them tomorrow, but the hardware store did not have any M7 x 1.0 hex cap screws, which means I have to use my old handlebar screws, or else tap the holes bigger, which I might consider.

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