Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maxi, Swinger1, HS50

I got back from Elkhart last night, and I was very excited for two reasons. My moped frames were finished, and my finance just got back from Peru. So, I spent the evening with her, neglecting this blog update. Not too much to update though, just putting up pictures and going to blab for a little bit before I go outside to work.

The Swinger1 turned out the nicest of all the bikes. The blue color on it is darker and has more gloss to it than the pictures would make you believe. For some reason, it vaguely reminds me of children's playground equipment. I love the color, but once those fenders are put in there, it really looks great. The pearl white was a good choice. I may have trouble with the rear fender. I did not have a rear fender from a Swinger1, but a Swinger2, which mounts differently. So I'll see if I can't get it to mount up and look good, or else I might have to beg someone (freebird) for his rigid rear fender if he isn't using it. I need to get the Swinger1 decals reproduced, but it will be difficult, seeing that most vinyl shops around here aren't interested in my moped projects, and I have no good scans of any NOS originals. Can anyone recommend an online store that might make some simple Swinger1 text?

The red frame is what used to be the Newport from my first post. I replaced the top of the triple tree with a newer model that doesn't use the stem style handlebars. I don't care for the stem style, it isn't the look I'm going for. I'm going to put this bike back together first, as I want to see this one complete and ready to ride or sell. I'm trying to fix up extra bikes to pay for my other mopeds, and this is one I had planned on selling. It just depends on how nice it is in the end, I suppose. The front fender on this bike has a few tiny fish eyes on it, little coating flaws. I can live with them, they are not noticeable, and I'm not a perfectionist, so that works out just fine for me. The red is so bright that it catches your eye way before the flaw. I need to polish the E50 before I put it back on this bike, but I've never tried to do that, so again, any recommendations on a polish would be nice.

This is my friend Dane's HS50. It looks great, no flaws on this bike, the black is amazing. I'm trying to convince him to buy a NOS M48 30mph engine I have for this bike instead of tossing on his junky old crap M48, and I think that he will go for it. After all, this is going to be the nicest bike he has, and his old M48 needs a new piston, rings and cylinder, plus most likely bearings and seals, not to mention electrical. Hope to see him put this one together soon.


stableauto said...

your childhood swing set was blue and white.
Autocraft in York makes decal kind of stuff. Since they like you already, they might be a great resource.

squire said...

They indeed do look amazing. Great job.