Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Strangely enough

Not much going on in moped land right now, I spent yesterday traveling, delivering and buying mopeds and parts. I have another 77 Newport, but I think this one is going to become the parts Newport. It would just need too much to put together. I bought it for the perfect clean wheels and the engine, and the forks turned out to be good, which is nice, but the rest is super rough. I guess I have another seat to practice recovering, but pretty much everything else looks kind of nasty.

The last two years I had a job working at a steel company, and I made big bucks, which was really a shame, because I spent a large amount of that money on moped goodies, but now that I'm not working there anymore, I can't spend hundreds of dollars on goodies each month. I have to pick and chose what I want. I think I want to try a build a fast 50cc bike. I've built 3 Polini engines, and I don't know why, I can't ride all of them at once, but I just had the money so I spent it. So I just sold one today, and I've been selling off some of my performance parts that I haven't got around to. I think I have weeded my personal bikes down to 5. A Maxi, Magnum, Swinger1, Motobecane 40 and 50. Kind of strange. The Magnum and 50 are mostly stock, but I think the Magnum is a good candidate for a 50cc engine.

To mourn the loss of my engine, I am playing a blues play list on Pandora.

The maxi will run soon, I need a new petcock for it.

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deanhatesyou said...

haha oh man. the kid you sold that motor to, he's so in over his head with that engine..
also, i am having a hard time not spending all my money on parts, too. it's an addiction.