Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updates of sorts

I thought I would post to let everyone know I'm back from vacation, and I"ll be doing plenty of moped stuff soon as I have only one working moped at the moment, and it's my wife's, so I can't ride it. (The heavy duty suspension doesn't do well with someone less than 250lbs on it).

It has been brought to my attention that not everyone understands how to properly split gas when driving in a vehicle with friends. I thought I would lay out the system I use, and then take some feedback as to how well it works.

The day before the trip, I fill my car up to the top with gas and drive it right home. The next day, we leave with a completely full tank of gas. When we drive down to Oregon for the races, then head back, the tank needs filled when we hit Washington state, at which point, I will ask my fellow carpooler to fill the tank completely full. When we get back to Seattle, I fill the tank completely full to put it back where it was. So perhaps the person riding along gets a short end of the stick because the split of gas isn't exact, as they are paying for about 3/4 of a tank, while I only pay for about 1/2- 5/8 of a tank. It does make it easier for the occupant, who can pay with a debit card and their obligation is finished at that point. The price difference between myself and the passenger is slightly off, since I'm paying for slightly less gas than the rider. But interestingly enough, on the last trip, I put in 5 gallons of gas in Oregon, because we were making a trip back from the track to Portland, and then back to the track. So with the 5/8 of a tank that I put in upon return to Seattle, plus the 5 gallons in Oregon, I would say I paid for more than half of the gas on the last trip, which is more than fair. All this goes to say, Jihee, please ride with me next time cause your a good companion even if you don't think I'm paying enough for my gas.

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