Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Piston rings and other things

It appears I've angered the moped gods by selling my Astro Diamler. Since that day, I have yet to complete a full moped Monday ride, many of which ended up with me pushing or being trucked home. I sheared the crank in my Moby. The seat welds cracked off my Swinger2. The Free Spirit refused to climb hills or run under 15mph and got pushed home. Last night I took the BFW Maxi and was treated to that wonderful sound that Knarpsworth has been having in his Magnum. Then it died right outside the bar last night so I had to wait for Joel to come back and truck me home. Someone who knows how to make mopeds work all the time needs to come teach me. On the bright side, the bar we were at had Monopoly pinball, and the tilt sensor was off, so we lifted the front end of the machine up so the ball moved in slow motion and proceeded to play it that way building a monster score, and even taking balls that managed to sneak down the out lanes and gently guiding them back into the play field, somewhat like Labyrinth. At any rate, the only working moped I have right now to ride is my race bike, which, ironically, has been serving me very faithfully and reliably.

Here are some pictures of what I did today. My free spirit, in the SUNSHINE (hooray!) in Seattle with the top end off. Here is my piston, with a mysteriously missing pin and missing the ends of the ring. Cylinder looks great, piston has lots of blowby on it. New piston ordered today, and at least a bit of luck, in stock and perhaps the cheapest replacement piston ever @ 25$?


Anonymous said...

i am disappointed I am no longer one of your blog buddies.

That said, get them going!

Philip Patrie said...

Upon review, your blog has been found to be updated enough to merit links again. Congratulations.