Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Big Fat Wife bike had a Big Fat Failure. Despite the gouges in the piston, no culprit could be identified. Both circlips still in place, stock air filter on. Ring pin and ring all present. I do, however see a loose nut in the back ground of the picture. Lot's comforter there. The bushing failed for sure though. This crank is toast. So is the piston. I pawned the cylinder off to Gorilla for his brother, and now I'm trying to decide what cylinder to go with. My limitations are I will only use a 15bing and a boss pipe. Both of which are dictated by my BFW who likes the chrome of the boss, and wants a carb that fits under the side covers and is quiet (stock airbox). So I'm either going the cheap route with a 50tccd like on my free spirit, or the spendy way with a nice new Polini for her. I really would rather get her a Polini, they are great cylinders with wonderful torque, but costs 2x the TCCD. The only disadvantage of the TCCD is it doesn't make power till you really start to wind it out, and the BFW needs extra push to get her started. I guess we will decide shortly, as I'm sure she wants the bike back on the road for blood drive.


Josh said...

You should conduct a long term survey of cheapo 70cc kits.

Joel said...

You should have kept that kit, put on the treats 19mm intake and a 19mm phbg, and then figured out some sort of airbox muffler thing like those polini space filters.

Bummer.... Oh well. At least you got a couple of your bikes running again!