Friday, June 25, 2010

The Curse Continues

Travis and I went on a ride across I-90 to hit up Mercer Island to try his perfect wave ride. It was great ride, we went for miles without stopping, riding curving roads over and over. No stop signs anywhere, it was super dee duper. Riding on the free-way is fun, especially during rush hour, because we get to blast through a tunnel in the carpool lane and ride at a leisurely 34mph across the floating bridge on little toys from the 70's. On the way back, naturally, the curse reared its ugly head, resulting in a soft seize on the freeway, to which Travis and I hopped off and tossed the bikes across the 3 foot concrete wall, which was easier than anticipated. The bike fired up and rode home fine, so we will assume the curse doesn't hate me so much to permanently break other peoples bikes, but wanted to let me know I'm not over it.

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