Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Format: Here is What I Broke Today

Today I am posting the 200th post on MopedHQ. I've been at it for a few years now, and given most moped blogs have 2 post total, both of which say they will update more, I think I've done okay at keeping you entertained with a stream of moped related blather. So here is a picture of all the stuff I broke good. The crank from the 50v I sheared a while back, I finally got it open, but I had to chop off part of the crank with a grinding wheel so my 3 jaw puller would fit on the cases. I then was pressing new bearings into the case and then I destroyed the cases because I'm a dummy and didn't have them supported nicely. Good thing I had an extra case half. There is also my piston from the 50cc tccd cylinder, which I seized on Monday and the ring was so stuck, that even after breaking it and spending about 30 minutes stabbing myself with seal hooks, I gave up trying to remove the last of it.

Onto things that are soon to be broken.
Here is a picture of me making gaskets for my Hobbit cases. I just put some grease on the case and pressed it down nice on my gasket paper to have something to cut around. This can work for making base gaskets nicely too, you just have to cut the hole for the skirt first.

The Wizard looks on while Joel works on a snowflake disc brake. It seems to be coming along nicely. We will see if the bicycle brake can handle the weight!

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カート said...

"most moped blogs have 2 post total, both of which say they will update more"

That is SO true. Actually, it seems like it's kind of true for MOST personal blogs, moped-related or otherwise.