Friday, June 5, 2009

Maxi Taxi 3.0

The Taxi has had a long life so far. It started out as a spare burgundy Newport frame that I decided to have "powder coated" to see what it would look like. It came back and instantly was so clean my girlfriend at the time claimed it as hers. She had been riding an orange Motobecane 40 with matching saddle bags, which were her favorite, of course. So I had to get some Yellow bags for this guy. It was quite a trooper, a fun machine for her, only running out of gas to leave her stranded. I built her another bike and the Taxi was mine again. It tried out a punk tough look for a while, with a Metra65 and 19 Dellorto, 6 star mags, long seat and fairing, plus new decals. It became a little too "busy" and then Dr. Voltron was kind enough to give a fellow Mosquito Fleet memeber a moped kiss while he was riding it, tweaking the forks and busting the fairing. I decided to get back to roots with the bike, sold the engine and the mags, and put it back closer to how I first built it. It's my plan to turn this bike loose to have a free and long life in the hands of a new owner, to travel the world and come to rest again in a barn, to one day be pulled out, dusted off and kindle a love of mopeds to someone else.

Also, Ian is very much like a pestering girlfriend, who can only think of the next love note you are going to send her even though she just got one yesterday. This guy thinks a blog needs updated as soon as he is finished reading the last post. And we still love him.


Ian T said...

hey man, a week is a week. you spoiled us with your spat of regular posting

Joel said...

haha nailed him. He really had me worked up when he criticized my posting frequency on Saturday. That bike looks great Phil.