Monday, June 8, 2009

Codename TCT

So I recently aquired Swamp Hobbit, a beautiful low mile gem (603) complete with all plastics and everything. No title, No key, looooooooooooots of spiders. So what's a fellow to do with swamp hobbit? I've got a craaaaaaaaazy idea... Stay tuned for more stupid fun with mopeds. This guy knows whats going on. Also, if you comment on his blog, tell him to tighten up his steering race and put all the ball bearings in.


Ian T said...

speaking of loose steering races, might want to check on the wife's maxi, it was pretty wobbly at p-cake fest

Philip Patrie said...

Maxi's weren't made to support 425lbs, no matter how competent the mechanic who works on it.

Joel said...

that is one handsome man. You must have paid him to appear on your blog.