Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PA50 II Hobbit Engine Rebuild

Travis was kind enough to sell me a gently used crank for use in my bottom end since mine would require some clever machining to be functional again. I heated my cases, pounded in the bearings, and then put the crank in there and pressed it shut, using the screws to help drive the last bearing fully home. I installed the seals, also making sure that the one seal sits flush while the other sits in 6.5mm per Honda's spec. I would love to be displaying pictures, but the camera hasn't been unpacked from the camping trip yet and I've no idea where it is, so I guess my small words will have to be enough to whet your tongue. The hobbit case re-assembled nicely with new gaskets and studs, new points and a stock variator cheek plate. I may go back to my notched job, but for the time being, I'll be content with non-notched job. I'm awaiting a few more parts in the mail, and then after a few hours of work, I will reveal perhaps the most creative moped I've ever made.

Also, next week, expect some guest appearances on my blog from those fine folks at Motomatic Mopeds. I'll be hanging out with them in Sacramento for a couple days. Woo - hooo!

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-T said...

Oh man, I was just visitor number 10,004 to your blog. RAD. I"m glad you got the case all back together too. TCT is gonna be wild folks, LUKK OUT!