Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh No! Honda Hobbit PA50 II Crank Problems!

I pulled my good hobbit apart because it was starting to get reaaaaaaaaly loud down in the bottom end. With the help of ol T-nasty, it came apart nice and simply, and everything was coming up roses. Even managed to heat the cases in the oven without getting caught by my wife. I went to drop on my new bearings, so I froze the crank all night, and this morning I set my bearings in the toaster oven for about 10 minutes at 350. I went to drop on the first one, and it went "clank" and fell right on. Boy, it shouldn't really be that easy, right? Oh, look at all this slop. It appears that the noise I was hearing would have been not a bad bearing, but a spun bearing, turning freely on the crank as the other side carries all the load. I literally made this face this morning out of sincerity rather than staged for the picture. I can't belive the bike ran so well with nearly 1mm of slop on the variator side bearing. So it's new crank time, folks. :( Operation TCT is getting more expensive by the minute. Maybe I'll just unicycle-ped around. I'm off to the real Pacific ocean, which is somehow different than the "Peugeot" sound.

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spookytune said...

wow. im speechless. waynes world 2/bill and ted's bogus journey/breakin 2/terminator 2/home alone 2 is looking out of control awesome. THUMBS UP PHILLLAP.