Wednesday, February 6, 2008


What is it about Rigids that are just so awesome?
I'm not sure why they look so much better than their suspended brethren, but what ever "it" is, Rigids have "it" en masse. Perhaps it is the less is more sentiment, but at any rate, I'm already in love with my Swinger1!

Oh, P.S. I'm moving to Seattle this summer! Hooray! I think. I like it here, plus I'm right in the heart of Midwest moped rally strike zone. I went to 5 1/2 last summer, and I skipped Chicago! I have a moped shop full of NOS moped parts at my disposal, plus a small moped gang of my own. So now I have to figure out when I'm moving, how I'm going to purchase and bring all those parts with me, and how I'm going to move 8 mopeds to Seattle.

Is the Mosquito Bus coming to Kalamazoo?

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deanhatesyou said...

seattle! yeah!
i'm not sure if the bus will be going to kzoo this year or not. it was a 50 hour round trip last year, long and hard. it was fun as hell though!
i can let you know closer to kzoo rally time, though!