Monday, February 11, 2008

Hot diggity!

This bike is polishing up nicely! I forgot an exhaust gasket so I didn't get a chance to bolt up my 6p, and I still have to ditch the kickstand because of the clearance problems with a Homo. Too bad, I love kick stands, nothing like kick starting your moped, but it looks like bump starts for me, unless I can modify the stand to clear the pipe, the problem is that the left foot of the stand hits the pipe, and consequently drags the ground in tight left runs, which is a bad thing. I finished the wiring harness and hooked the coil up on the back right instead of hanging it like most Swingers, they look better back there. I want to ditch the coil and perhaps put in an internal ignition coil. I also need to get a hold of some yellow spark plug wire, this bike needs some yellow and white to it!

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