Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pack Attack

I received the Bullet exhaust for my Red Maxi in the mail today, and I went to the shop and bolted it up. I've always had a little trouble with Bullet exhausts being a pain to fit on the studs, and this one was no exception, but I was able to get both nuts started and pull it tight. I had to bend my left crank, it was a little tweaked, but now it clears the exhaust no problem. So, with that said, I assembled the 14 bing and put it on the 14 intake, slapped it all together, and put the bike on the stand. I set the choke, primed it, and on the first kick, she roared to life. What a great feeling! No screwing around to get it to run, I'm excited. I took it for a spin, and it accelerates a little sluggy, but it has a nice top speed, I would say about 33. I'm running 16x45 on it, I think I might kick it down to 15x45, but we will leave it as is for now, I can tell I'm running a bit lean with a 66 jet. I will put in a 70 and see what happens. This is on the open port Aluminum stock cylinder, too. The high torque cylinders are much more awesome for acceleration, that is for sure. I was happy to ride it around, and quickly went back inside and took off the wheels, and repacked the bearings. They had not been done, and it is a night and day difference. The nasty old junk in there hardly counts as grease. They spin effortlessly now. Between the repack of bearings and the sanding of the drums and pads, as well as light cross hatching on the pads, this bike rolls and stops like a new chassis. I'm constantly amazed at how different a bike feels when you put 45 minutes of work into the wheels. It rolls smooth and stops hard! The new seals and bearings did the trick for the engine, it fires up easily and with no problem. I think I might mill the head to give it a little more torque, but I do have a factory high torque head, so I suppose I'll give that one a try first, and see if it helps. The seat height is perfect, it feels low enough to be comfy, but not too low. I kind of like rolling the rigid front suspension, its a unique ride, like nothing I've ridden before. Hopefully the suspension forks will be finished with powder soon so I can have the bike together on final assembly and call it done. It does need some killer pedals and grips though. No bike shops around here are open on Saturdays though. Lame.

It looks like I'll be attacking the Swinger 1 soon.

Oh, plus I found the perfect ferring for my Motobecane 40. It's pretty cool, and large, and awesome and the right color (eventually the MBK will be black). I'll try to get some pictures up of it later, but it is one of the old TRAC moped ferrings. The cool kind, not the lame kind.

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