Monday, February 4, 2008

Star Spangled

I thought since those red forks are taking longer to be finished, and considering I had that white fender just sitting around waiting to go on those blue forks, I might as well toss it on, no matter the fact that it is not July 4. I kind of dig it, but I think I will change it out once the red forks are done. Upjetted today to 70 and it ran a wee bit rich (it was 4 stroking, but just barely) until I tanked up with fresh gas and extra oil, in which case it started running like a madman. I realized that it is not a good decision to put what "looks like pre-mix" into a moped that I've just rebuilt. I'm sure there was some oil in it, but who knows what else was drained into that gas can. I need to have a "waste gas" can that is clearly marked so I know not to put it back into peds. I usually try to just pour it into my van when ever I have any, but I think I failed at disposing the combustive mixture of whatever the bike was running on. At any rate, this bike got new pedals and grips today, the grips I got are from a bike shop and they are more of a tear drop shape than a circle, and the tear drop feels good on the hand, plus I positioned the throttle side in such a way that when you are at WOT the drop is pointing toward you, meaning you can hold the throttle open with your palm, not having to grip it the whole time. Hooray!
P.S. I know the fender needs another bolt and the wire to keep it off the wheel, this was just to see what it looked like!

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