Monday, April 26, 2010

Mac Track

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. Got up at 5am and home at 11p. What a long day. 7 mopeds turned into 5 by the time all was said and done in the last race, with one losing belt tension, and unable to start, and the other having a flat tire that couldn't be repaired. Joe from Uphill Battle and myself were pretty evenly matched, even though he only had a 13mm carb on his Ciao, and perhaps the most interesting riding style of 80% weight carried on the wrists, with brake levers pointing straight down. My bike was a little quicker, I think his had a higher top speed, but we were good contenders for each other. It is much more fun to race trying to pass and prevent being passed, than to just be on the track by yourself. Travis and Naz both were in top form, and took first and third places, with second going to Sabatino. I also got to race in the pewee novice class for a bit of extra track time, and was finally able to beat my nemesis, this 7 year old girl.
I also forgot to turn my fuel valve off and run the carb dry before pulling the subframe off the bike, so in order to get it in the trunk without that gas smell, I simply gave the bike a push start and let it use the rest of the fuel.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially Matt Smith and Jihee!! Great travel companions.


gaber said...


gaber said...

oh and in all the craziness of saturday night i had almost forgotten about this. "it was like dancing with a sweaty hot dog". priceless.

-T said...

Haha, that photo is great. And I didn't quite understand what you were talking about at the track with getting the gas out of your bike. I see a unicycle Hobbit in your future.

Great job on the track too, you looked fresh!

spookytunee said...

i love that photo of you and andreap. those guys are lookin on like WE ARE SCUM AND HAVE LACKLUSTER LIVES.

Josh said...

Ugh. Must race something....Also, Andrea needs an umbrella fo shizzle.