Thursday, April 22, 2010

The eventual fate of all loaner mopeds

Whisky Business 3 was awesome. Even Max Mojo would agree, although I think the rake on his moped would make for a very shaky turning radius. The only thing that saved this frame from total anihilation was the cross bar that absorbed all the energy from the crash and then (I imagine) hit Mojo in the chin when it exploded out of its place. As of yet, I haven't heard of any deaths at moped rallies, but I am nervous for when there is. It's coming folks! Be safe!

In additional news, I'm now the proud owner of a MagnumX, which will follow in the Cuperzacko tradition of becoming a wonderful blaster in a pint sized container. It will reside in Indiana with my in-laws, to give me something fun to ride around when I'm in town. I anticipate forcing my children to ride this and live my dreams once I have children and dreams.

Also, this Sunday is the first official race of the Oregon Cup of moped racing, so this one will be for points. Which means I hope that I can get second place again, as a certain wizard mentioned that he cast a spell on a black and red wheeled steed, which promises to be very ominous. See you on the track Sunday!


Zack said...

i want pictures of said magnumX

beat travis on the track.

spookytunee said...

".........once I have [children and] dreams." IM GLAD I KNOW YOU