Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mac Track Attack!

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I'm leaving Seattle at 5am Sunday morning to go race mopeds in Oregon! I've got my bike neatly packed away in the trunk of Andrea's car. It took 15 minutes to put in in the car, and I imagine about as many to reassemble it. Bolt for the subframe, remove the shocks from the subframe, remove the throttle cable, remove rear brake from subframe, drain fuel, remove front brake cable and wheel, and then the whole darn thing fits so nice in the trunk it's like they were made for each other. The car is full of gas and ready to go with my 3 sleepy faced companions tomorrow. Hopefully they will be a bit lax about sign in times and what not, but I think we can make our target, as I don't anticipate much Sunday AM traffic. Judge Reinhold has a new trick up his left sleeve, called a windowed variator. It's like notching the stock vario but nicer looking and smoother operating. Hopefully those few extra mph will do me good. I almost got busted on the bike yesterday riding it up and down my street. What I'm riding is obviously a race bike, no lights, and I still even had my number attached as I blast down the street. I see a police car two blocks ahead headed my way. I just passed an intersection and it was too late to turn off the street, and I would meet him at the next intersection, so I hit the brakes and pulled in directly behind a parked car, hoping he hadn't seen me yet. I look through the windshield of the car I'm hiding behind, trying to look "casual" and not "hey I was trying to hide from you" and see the cop car which had been stopped to make a left turn, shut off the blinker and hit the gas toward me. "Busted" I thought, imagining how I can talk my way out of this one, only to see the cop go flying by me and continuing on up the street. I quickly got my bike turned back on and zipped right home! That's a free-be!

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Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Cool track, what is it called? I didn't know there was one down there in McMinnville.

I want to P.I.R. last weekend to watch the CB160's buzz around.

P.S. I have a motorized bike.. 49cc motor mounted on a bicycle.