Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stripped Stud Removal

I wanted to use an old stock cylinder I had, and when I pulled it out of my box today I found a stripped stud stuck firmly in place in the exhaust. I tried threading a nut on, and it was too far gone to hold any threads. The vice grips wouldn't hang on tight enough, although I did only try needle nose, and usually the regular version lock a bit more securely. So I pulled out my welder, pushed the nut on as far as it would go, and just ran a nice little bead inside the nut, welding it to the stud, then out it turned. It feels good to have a welder in my arsenal again.


the turd said...

I wish I had a welder.....:(

Zack said...

what kind of welder do you use.

Philip Patrie said...

I have a little Craftsman 110v MIG, and I use 80% argon, 20% CO2 gas mix. It welds pretty much anything moped related, and with a different gas setup, it can even do aluminum.