Saturday, September 26, 2009

50cc TCCD Racey

I've got quite a bit to blog, so I'm going to spread it out! This is my 50cc TCCD "Racey" kit. I've used a 50cc TCCD kit before, and I really enjoyed it. With a 14bing and a Boss exhaust and normal-ish gearing, I was able to hit 40mph on a Maxi, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoy a moped where you can go as fast as that tiny little piston will push you, always. I've got some 50+mph bikes, and they accelerate to rip your arms off, but something is fun about going wide open and not worrying about blowing up your bike or getting a speeding ticket. Anyway, so here is the port shot of my Racey kit. My first impression is that it reminds me an awful lot of my old Parma 50cc kit, of which I was never able to coax that much speed from. Although with the Parma, the exhaust port was very small, and the ring pin ran very close, so I was never brave enough to open it up. This one has a very large exhaust port, and the ring rides the groove that splits the boost port in the top of the cylinder. Here is a shot of the case with the gasket snug on it, you can see the transfers open up a bit wider, but not too crazy. I didn't take a clear picture, but the cylinder skirt is very similar to the low torque puch aluminum cylinders, with open side transfers skirts instead of closed ones like a high torque. I'll bet this cylinder will really wrap out the RPMs if a fellow put a man sized pipe on it, like a Homoet or Motomatic. I'm going to try it out for starters with a Bullet exhaust, because I think the Bullet is really designed for high rpm better than the Boss, and I'll also try out a Proma Circuit pipe on the same bike.

On another note, I would like to see some standardized comparisons and put together a nice little ranking sheet, of running different pipes on the same stock and kitted setups, taking time to correctly jet each one as we change the pipes, and measure top speed and acceleration to 30mph, something I think people might find very useful.


Cpt. F.L.E.E.T.T.R.E.A.T.S. said...

"I'll bet this cylinder will really wrap out the RPMs if a fellow put a man sized pipe on it, like a Homoet."

Sorta exactly like my blued up ripper?

Seth Hershey said...

I second that side by side comparo, I love to see DIY tech articles! Keep up the honorable good work of documenting your moped obsession.