Monday, September 28, 2009

Motobecane Motor Mount Replacement

The Beautiful Panda 50v I picked up the other day has been getting some attention recently. I cleaned the chrome with steel wool, and I'm going to try and take off the red overspray on the tank with some carb cleaner. As far as mechanically, the motor was seized up big time, and the mounts were shot. Luckily, since I've had a moped addiction for several years now, I just happened to have a ported and rebuilt stock-ish Motobecane motor waiting in the wings for just such an occasion. My new mounts arrived the other day, and then after some pestering, I was able to borrow the factory tool for removing and pressing the mounts. Had I not been able to get access to it, the correct size socket and bolts can substitute. Here is the stock mount, which didn't hold up too well to the elements and time. And here is a picture of the mount removed next to its new counterpart, and the wonderful tool in the background. The new motor is bolted up and all it needs is a spark plug, a belt and some gasoline, and then it's time to ride the Panda Express to happy town!


spookytunee said...
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spookytunee said...

i meant.

wow good job thumbs up! im really excited about what youll do next as i still have too much to learn about the 50v.