Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moped Tank Rust Removal

Long time blog readers will recall my previous bloggery about using acid to clean out a rusted tank. I'm back at it again today, because even though I enjoy having an Astro Diamler gas tank strapped to the back of my Maxi Sport, it just doesn't seem to fit the look I'm going for. I rode up to Crown Hill hardware to get what I needed.
  • Gallon of Muriatic Acid
  • 2 ft 3/8" inner diameter vinyl tubing
  • hose clamp
So with these 3 things, and the baking soda (in case things get out of hand) and isopropyl alcohol (to chase my rinse water with), I'm ready to bake.

I put the hose on the spigot, and it threaded on, but I put the clamp on anyway (safety first!) and then tie the other end up higher than the filler nozzle. Next, I just poured the acid in a funnel into the tank (don't want to dribble and ruin my paint!) and watched as the level rises every so gently up the tube. I'm just letting the acid bake away at that rust for about 1/2 an hour, and then I'll go put the tube back into the jug the acid came from, let it drain, and viola, a less rusty tank! Rinse it out a few times, chase it with alcohol, and keep it full of good old premix. Tank treated for less than $12, and I can re-use the acid on the next poor moped that comes my way.


rosanna said...

that is a very clever method, what with the hose and all.

Philip Patrie said...

I have another hose, in case the first one fails. It's called "Hose b", and the one I used is called "José".

the turd said...

I prefer to use phosphoric acid on my tanks, It takes a little longer, but its also less scary! Nice hose!

david said...

Well the piece that the petcock attached to for my Peugeot 102 sp ( that i attached my vinyl hose to) was made out of composite metal and is now just a fragment of what it was... tank came out clean despite the huge neutralization reaction as a result of a gallon of spilled acid. just glad i had some baking soda and an identical moped for parts