Monday, September 14, 2009

The Results are in!

Ol' Mister Knarpsworth and I have had a Magnum Metra80 speed title contest the last 4 months or so, ever since I got my brown delight ever so motivated. The title has been handed back and forth a few times already, but always because the other persons Magnum Metra80 wasn't running. Well, tonight when I pulled up to moped monday, there it was! So it was time for a race. We set out a track that was by estimate, right around 1/4 mile. The specs on the bikes are as follows.

Magnum MKII
Metra80 Largeport
19mm Dellorto
Homoet 8p
18 x 40 gearing

Big Red XK Magnum
Metra80 Largeport
21mm Dellorto
MotoMatic N8P
16 x 45 gearing

After several very close races and a few rematches, our bitter rivalry was finally laid to rest and everyone now knows the truth that I've know this whole time. I have the fastest Brown Magnum Metra80 in all of Seattle.


the turd said...

No its time to bow before the power of the monza.....

Philip Patrie said...

A Monza isn't a Magnum Metra80, you don't count.

-T said...

Way to lose with style, Phil. What's your game plan for winning the non-color dependent Magnum Metra80 class? I may be so bold as to throw on this Treats CDI I have here, but then when will you catch up? Just looking out for you there, bud.

And yes Turd-Butt, take your motorcycle home, you don't get to play with us.

rosanna said...

hahaha! fastest brown magnum. you do beat all phil.