Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uh oh... Those aren't good noises pt 2

The source of my nasty metal on metal sounds has been found. I was confident that I had exploded the transmission some how, or blown a hole in the piston, because I'm kind of sensational when it comes to mopeds not working, or at least, high power ones. One of the screws that held the stator plate on had backed itself out, and the other was doing his best to escape as well. So naturally, that caused the stator plate to collide with the flywheel, including the pulsar wire for the pickup. Not too bad though, a little cutting, some electrical tape, a new stator plate screw (of which I had a nice little baggy of new ones from a hardware store, so nice!) and a dab of loc-tite. Back together, catastrophes aside, she is running again. Hooray!

Here is a picture of the mess of wires associated with the CDI, which will be hidden and mounted much cleaner once I get a box I'm totally satisfied with.
Also, envy my QuarterKick sourced tail light. I like it very much, even though the lens screws feel a little weak, it's held up well so far, and it's not too ugly on the magnum.


Ian T said...

hooray for updates. nice taillight

Joel said...

How's that thing for riding doubles? Hint hint.

Ian T said...

i saw you yesterday, must be fixed