Monday, May 25, 2009

Magnum down!

We were going on a ride to beautiful Alki beach in West Seattle and were only about 12 blocks from home, and I was sitting at a light, when the light changed, the only sound I heard was "bang" and the engine stalled. The starter clutch didn't want to engage, and I knew it was not meant to be. Naz tried to give me a push home, but a super high-revving pugeot just isn't made to push people. The rear wheel is not spinning backwards, which means transmission trouble. So I think I might be building a back-up engine (a one speed of course) to keep for this bike because the 2 speed is just not something I'm a pro at yet. The ZA50 will be on the back burner until perhaps the following week when I get some time to drop it and tear into it. On the other hand, the Polini Swinger1 ran as a bumpy but solid set of wheels, so that's always good.

The forks are finished for the Maxi Taxi, so I just need to get those mailed out and it's time to slap them on and have that bike running again. People wonder why I have "so many" mopeds, and it's just something you can't explain until you have one to get around on and you try and make it fast.

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