Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The maxi Taxi is going to get the one speed that was on my BFW's Green Machine. I decided to case match it, as you always should with a new cylinder, and when I pulled the stator plate off, look what I found. This is a seal that is leaking, you can see the oil residue coming out and how it's buckled at the bottom. In an effort to leave space between the seal and bearing when I originally rebuilt this motor, I must have put it too far out, or had more compression than it could hold, and it popped out a bit. Which would explain the large jets I was running on this engine, even though it did idle nicely. I think the seal is salvageable, I re-set it in closer, but if it comes out again, shouldn't be too hard to replace. Here is a picture of the KSTAR 50 gasket drawn on the case with gold paint. Gold paint makes you go faster than Sharpie. The gasket for the KSTAR didn't match up to the cylidner itself very well, so I matched the gasket to the cylinder before moving the gasket to the case. Another little trick that I like to use to make sure the case is matched optimally is to slide the cylinder on half the case and just look in there for yourself. It's hard to take a picture of, but you can see some of what I'm talking about here, the left side is pretty good, but the right side has a high spot. It's pretty obvious what needs to happen when you have it infront of you. Make sure you torque the head on so the cylinder will sit correctly when you are doing this, however. All back together and soon to be put back on the Taxi.

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