Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome, March

My moped shenanigans have been limited recently due to being a big cheap-o and not having any money to stimulate our moped economy. Well, I've got my Bravo on the sales block and it looks like tomorrow it will be happily adopted into its new home, and I've struck a deal that will ensure both money for parts, and projects to handle that would be of mild interest to people who follow the HQ. At this point, I would like to commend those who try and blog about mopeds and never get past 3 or 4 posts. It seems like fun, but then you realize, I never feel like updating or don't have anything to show. If I can offer advice, show when you make big mistakes, cause everyone makes those and then we would have unbelievable content daily!

I replaced the fork shims on my wife's maxi because the old lower had broken and caused it to vibrate out the bottom end and then rattle when the brakes were applied. Should have taken a picture, and it would have been much more interesting to hear about. The green maxi could use a cleaning, she is a far dirty cry from the show winning ped she used to be. I think the plan for that bike is to get a transplant from those hokey old E50's to what she deserves, a ZA50. The frame was originally a 2 speed, and my big fat wife needs help getting up these Seattle hills! Stay tuned! (Or come back about two weeks from now when I update again!)

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