Thursday, March 12, 2009


I decided it's too sad to see my Swinger1 sit on the balcony with no wheels on it, so I brought it in today and Ian was kind enough to give me a set of brakes. Why would my bike be sitting from no brakes? Because I stole them for one of my other bikes. It's always downhill when you start to cannibalize your bikes, but I wouldn't have been riding the Swinger1 in the rain anyway. So here is a shot of the brake shoes to explain why it's a good idea to knock the glaze off, one is before, the other is after, and I'll bet one stops alot better than the other. Take a medium grit sand paper (I used 180) and just give it a nice light push to pull that glaze right off. Do the same for the brake drum. Don't forget to lube your cam on the brake plate, a little bit of sillicone lube is what I use, because it comes in a tube and works well to not make a mess.
I want to put the seat down a little further and get a more solid mount on it. As it sits, it's a wee bit back too far and if you scoot all the way back I'm just afraid of it snapping off with some of these pot holes around Seattle. So that means chop the post a little bit and go bother Mike Mike to use his welder to adjust my seat pan some.

I'm also having trouble with my internal ignition coil, it makes a decent looking spark, but it's a little too white for my taste, which as I understand it, usually means poor grounding, and it also does something peculiar which you can notice in this video. I'll be diving back into solving this mystery as soon as I'm done posting this. Enjoy!

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