Friday, March 27, 2009

ZA50 Puck repair

Here is the two speed I got for my wife's maxi. Fitted it into the vice and lets open up that transmission and replace those pucks! Just assuming that they are bad, having most likely been sitting out of the oil bath for 20 years. The clutch cover comes off pretty easily, then the first nut comes off reverse thread, and you have to jam a socket between the case and the drive gear on the other side so it sits still while you twist on it. It's stuck on pretty good. Then clutch bell comes off, and using a piston stop, the clutch retaining nut comes off. Don't forget to remove the locking washer like someone I know did, because you might wonder why the nut refuses to budge and then feel like an idiot later.

Then pull out this main drive thingy, and remove these screws. Don't forget to loc-tite them when you put them back. I put the nut on the threaded side so I could pinch it in the vice without damaging anything. Pull the plates off, and viola , the shift pucks.
It just so happened that these look so good and supple, like they would absorb shift quite nicely, so I decided to leave 'em be. It was good practice to bust it open and take a peek. More ZA50 shenanigans later.


Anonymous said...

They look great !

Which ones did you get to replace?

I got some of the motion left ones but hear paz has some secret ones that are selling on 1977 site now.

Philip Patrie said...

I <3 Motion Left Mopeds, so I have some of those. I'm interested to see how different 'brands' hold up.

Anonymous said...

I've got paz ones in mine and they've survived a ton of abuse with no wear. I've got some other "custom" ones but haven't tried those or MLM. I'd replace those 30 year old ones if you are going to put a metra on there.

Philip Patrie said...

I would too, except this engine is getting a nice little 50cc pusher on it, just enough to move my BFW around. The Metra goes on another ZA50 engine.