Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A list of stuff

First of all, go check out this sweet 1977 custom. Wow! That's all I can say.
  • puch homoet 8p performance pipe
  • puch & tomos moped exhaust gasket
  • puch moped front sprockets - 17 tooth
  • leleu rear moped sprockets for puch, peugeot, motobecane - 36T
  • puch ZA50 2 speed shift dampers by motion left mopeds
  • puch moped points with wire
So I've made a swap-a-roo with a guy from Chicago. I sold him the old E50 off the Maxi Taxi, carb and all, and he gave me some monies and has shipped me a ZA50. This engine will be getting some new pucks and an electrical rebuild, in combination with a Puch HT cylinder that I'm going to attempt to port, and once it's all together, it will replace the E50 on my wife's green Maxi. As we've established, my BFW has a hard time getting up hills here in Seattle, so I think the two speed is a good choice. A ported stock cylinder will be plenty of zip for her, if she cooks along at 35mph she will be happy as a clam.

Things to look forward too on the soon to be re-named Apocalypse Ponies Mopeds! blog:
  • ZA50 puck install
  • ZA50 Metra 80 install
  • Maxi Taxi stock rebuild
  • Swinger1 Seat modification and Fender mounting
Enjoy waiting while these things come into play over the next months!


Anonymous said...

lee's rigid came out super nice. Its super rad!

metra 80 za50? Scary!

bbarrans said...

I look forward to your ZA50 endeavors.