Friday, February 20, 2009

Express yourself

It's been a while since I've posted, so let me bring you up to speed. After about 50 miles of notched variator, one of my already cracked plastic caps that sit on the variator weights cracked in half and flew out, causing the weight to wedge itself in the moving cheek so it was stuck in high gear. This happened while we were on a long ride, naturally, so I limped home, pushing the weight back down and resetting my variator manually at every stoplight. Thanks to Travis (who also is now featured on my links section) I got some new caps, and lubed them real good this time around, and the variator seems to operate much more smoothly.

I've also pending payment sold my Vespa Bravo, which should free up some funds for my Magnum and for a personal side project that has nothing to do with mopeds.

Here are some pictures of my old Anderson Indiana days, when my Honda Express was my best set of wheels (except for my awesome van, Goldzilla) and I used to love to take it grocery shopping. Here are some pictures of two different trips to the grocery store.


Travis said...

The secret is out!! Now everyone will know how hott Honda Expresses are. Did you see the Blue II on CL? A bit pricey, but a beaut for sure. I'm still looking for my lime green baby. "Live life in the EXPRESS lane!"

Joel said...

Look at all those cans of pop!